How To Calculate The Sum Of Interior Angles Of A Pentagon

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Do you want to calculate the sum of interior angles in a pentagon? If yes, then this article would guide you on how to check the sum of interior angles in a pentagon.

What Is a Pentagon

A pentagon is a five-sided polygon and all five sides of a pentagon are equal. The word Penta means five(5) and all the angles in a pentagon are equal but in this article, we would focus on how to derive the sum of angles in a pentagon.

How To Calculate The Sum Of Interior Angles In a Pentagon

It is important to note that an Interior angle is an angle that is enclosed by the shape. The formula for calculating the sum of internal angles in a polygon is given by :

(n-2) * 180 or (2n-4) * 90 where n is the total number of sides the polygon has

For a pentagon, n would be equal to five now using both formulas, the answer would be either (3*180) or (6*90) and both would equate to 540.

We earlier stated that all the interior angles are equal so if you are asked what is the angle for one side of a pentagon, you would do 540/5 and the answer would be 108 To prove the answer is correct, multiply 108 by 5 and the answer would be equal to 540.

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