Glo Data Plans & Prices, Subscription Codes, How To Check Balance

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Glo is one of the most used networks in Nigeria and why a lot of people love it is because of its data plans and bonuses but a lot of people have also complained that Glo is not available everywhere unlike MTN which seems to have a network connection everywhere across Nigeria.

Please note that these plans would work on your phone(Android/Windows/IOS phones), or on your tablet and PC.

Glo data plans are very affordable and they have various plans which one can use especially students who are on budget so if you plan on getting a Glo sim or you already have one, then ensure that you take note of their data plans below and the various subscription codes.

How To Check Data Balance On Glo

To check your data balance on your Glo sim card, simply dial *127*0#

How To Buy Data Plans On Glo

To buy data plans on Glo, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Dial *777#
  • Select 1
  • Select the plan you want(Daily Plan/Weekly Plan/Monthly Plan)
Glo Data Plans

Glo has a lot of data plans that suits its users needs and some of the popular ones are:

  • Daily Plan
  • Weekly Plan
  • Monthly Plan
  • Mega Data Plans
  • WTF(Whatsapp, Twitter, & Facebook) Bundles
  • Youtube Bundles
  • Single Bundles- Instagram
  • Single Bundles- TikTok
  • Single Bundles- Telegram
Daily Plans

The Glo daily plans are made especially for those who do not want to subscribe for the monthly or weekly plans but want to browse or chat on their favorite social media app like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and also visit any website of their choice. These plans are affordable and they are valid for 1 day only.

Data PRICEData Allocated
Glo Weekly Data Plans

These plans would help those who do not like subscribing for the monthly plans but want to access the internet or social media apps for a long period of time and some of the plans are valid for some days while the others are valid for weeks. The table below shows the Glo weekly plans and the amount of data allocated to it.

Data PRICEData Allocated
Glo Monthly Data Plans

Glo have one of the cheapest monthly plans that you can ever think of and a certain portion of the plan is allocated for Night plan so before purchasing any night plan, ensure that you check the amount of data is allocated for night plan and ensure that you use it before it expires.

N1,0002.9GB(1.9GB + 1GB)Dial *127*53# or SMS 53 to 127
N1,5004.1GB(3.5GB + 600MB) Dial *777#
N2,0005.8GB(5.2GB + 600MB)Dial *127*55# or SMS 55 to 127
N2,5007.7GB(6.8GB + 900MB)Dial *127*58# or SMS 58 to 127
N3,00010GB(9GB + 1GB)Dial *127*54#, or SMS 54 to 127
N4,00013.25GB(12.25GB + 1GB)Dial *127*59# , or SMS 59 to 127
N5,00018.25GB(17GB + 1.25GB)Dial *127*2# , or SMS 11 to 127
N8,00029.5GB(27.5BG + 2GB)Dial *127*1# , or SMS 12 to 127
N10,00050GB(46GB + 4GB)Dial *127*11# , or SMS 15 to 127
N15,00093GB(86GB + 7GB)Dial *127*12# , or SMS 16 to 127
N18,000119GB(109GB + 10GB)Dial *127*13# or SMS 17 to 127
N20,000138GB(126GB + 12GB)Dial *127*33# or SMS 33 to 127
Glo Mega Plans

Glo Mega Plans as the name implies are huge plans that are for very huge data users like organizations, cyber cafes and they are six(6) mega plans and we have outlined all of them in the table below

Data PRICEData AllocatedValidity
N30,000225GB30 days
N36,000300GB30 days
N50,000425GB30 days
N60,000525GB120 days
N75,000675GB120 days
N100,0001TB1 year
Glo Special Data Plans

These plans are the best type of data on the Glo network and it comprises of daily plans weekly plans, and monthly plans and they are very affordable and the data allocated is more than what you would be normally given.

Data PRICEData AllocatedData Validity
N25250MB12am – 5am(1 day validity)
N50500MB12am -5am(1 day validity)
N100100MB(225MB On-campus data, 25MB free data for sharing, and N100 Glo to Glo Bonus)2 days
N1001GB12am-5am(5 days)
N200200MB(450MB On-campus data, 50MB free data for sharing, and N200 Glo to Glo Bonus)4 days
N3001GB1 day
N5002GB2 days
N500500MB(1.12GB On-campus data, 125MB free data for sharing, and N500 Glo to Glo Bonus)7 days
N1,0001GB(2.25GB On-campus data, 250MB free data for sharing, and N1,000 Glo to Glo Bonus)15 days
N2,0002GB(4.5GB On-campus data,500MB free data for sharing, N2,000 Glo to Glo Bonus)30 days
N5,0005GB(11.25GB On-campus data(125MB free data for sharing & N5,000 Glo to Glo Bonus)30 days
WTF Bundles(Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook)

This plan gives you special access to Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook respectively

Data PRICEData AllocatedData Validity
N25100MB1 day
N50200MB7 days
N100500MB30 days
Youtube Bundles

This plan allows you to access youtube and these plans are very affordable

Data PRICEData AllocatedData Validity
N50100MB1 day
N100200MB7 days
N250500MB30 days
Single Bundles- Instagram

This plan only gives you access to Instagram and they are outlined in the table below

Data PRICEData AllocatedData Validity
N2520MB1 day
N5050MB7 days
N100125MB30 days
Single Bundles- TikTok

This plan is similar to the previous plan and it only gives you access to TikTok

Data PRICEData AllocatedData Validity
N2520MB1 day
N5050MB7 days
N100125MB30 days
Single Bundles- Telegram

This plan is similar to the previous plan and it only gives you access to Telegram

Data PRICEData AllocatedData Validity
N2520MB1 day
N5050MB7 days
N100125MB30 days

If you are not sure of which plan to choose, then make sure you use the Glo data calculator here and you would be shown the best plan that suits your needs also, ensure that you subscribe to our mailing list so as to receive updates whenever we publish a new article.

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