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FRSC Past Questions and Answer PDF Download|Get FRSC Past Questions Now

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The Federal Road Safety Corps recruitment application form is no longer available but it is still necessary for those who would be interested in obtaining the next FRSC recruitment application form to be well prepared for the screening exercise.

Many have benefitted from making use of past questions and answer to prepare for the Federal Road Safety Corps recruitment screening exercise and a majority of them were a bit unprepared before obtaining the past question but became fully prepared after purchasing the past question.

The exam might be a Computer Based Test and if it is a CBT exam, then you would be duly informed via this article. Those who would participate in the screening examination should ensure that they practice with time because Computer-Based Tests are monitored with time.

Why Do I Need The FRSC Past Questions & Answer?

This is a nice question and a lot of people who want to purchase the ebook have doubts if it is legit or not well it is important to note that the questions are mostly repeated ones and only those who have practiced the past question would have an idea of this also if you do not perform well, then you might have to wait till next year to apply for another FRSC recruitment which might be a lot of time.

The screening exercise would be CBT-based and it would be conducted by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board so if you want to succeed in the screening exercise, ensure to get a copy of the past question by following the procedures below and start practicing before the screening date & venues are announced.

Overtime, those who purchased the past questions and answer have seen the effect as it helped them to perform well during the screening exercise so we urge you to get your own copy and start practicing before the next recruitment application form is released.

About FRSC Screening Exercise

Applicants would be tested on general knowledge, current affairs, and other subjects selected by the Federal Road Safety Corps and the examination would be time-based so we urge those who want to apply to start practicing with time so that they would get used to it before the screening examination. The point of the exercise is to screen out candidates because the available slots are limited and only those who perform well during the screening exercise would be shortlisted.

FRSC Past Questions Sample

The practice questions PDF consists of subjects like Mathematics, English Language, and Current Affairs respectively and this would be what you would be tested on. The Mathematics section covers questions on topics like percentages, ratio, and simple interest to mention a few while the English Language consists of opposite in meaning, nearest in meaning, and filling the gap. The General Knowledge question covers a lot of topics and you would find out more when you purchase the PDF. We would provide a sample of what you would get when you purchase the full copy of the PDF from us.


These are some questions gotten from the Federal Road Safety Corps[FRSC] past questions and answers.

1.What is 342 in Roman numerals a. CCXLII b. CCCLXII c. CCCXLII d. CCLXII
2.Write in Arabic numerals, CMVII a. 907 b. 1007 c. 1017 d. 1107
3.Find the place value of 6 in 3421.016 a. 6 Thousand b. 6 hundred c. 6 hundreth d. 6 thousandths
4.State the number of multiples of 4 between 20 and 60 a. 10 b. 6 c. 9 d. 11
5.The square root of 256 is? a. 13 b. 14 c.16 d. 12

English Language

1.Okon invites Jude to his birthday party, Okon is the ________ while Jude is the _______ a. host, hostess b. Hostess, Landlord c. Host, guest d. Guest, Landlady
2.Paragraph is a group of? a. Words b. Letters c. Sentences d. Permutation
3.Femi is very Presumptuous whereas his friend is _____? a. Kind b.Modest c. Proud d. Pompous
4.Humility is a virtue while ______ can be regarded as a vice a. Pride b. Proud c. Curiosity d. Position
5.A betrayal from someone supposed to be a friend is a stab______ the back? a. On b. In c.At d. From

Current Affairs

1.The Highest Court in Nigeria is the ________? a.Federal High Court b. Supreme Court c. Federal Court d. Sharia Court
2.Naira is to Nigeria as _______ is to India a. Yen b. Rupee c. Dupee d. France
3.The Nigerian 2011 Presidential election was held when? a. 15th April b. 21st April c. 26th April d. 16th April
4.President Ebele Jonathan was sworn in as the acting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on a. 5th May 2011 b. 6th May 2010 c. 7th May 2011 d. 7th May 2010
5.In the 2011 elections held in Nigeria, which two elections were held on the same day? a.Gubernatorial and national assembly b. National Assembly and Presidency c.State Assembly and Presidency d. Gubernatorial and Presidency

How To Perform Well During the FRSC Screening Exercise

To perform well during the screening exercise, then note that you need more than obtaining the FRSC past questions and answers. You would need to take note of the instructions released for shortlisted candidates to follow during the screening exercise.

How Can I Get A Copy Of The FRSC Past Question & Answer

To get a copy of the past question send us a message via our WhatsApp number and we would give you further instructions please note that we would only send the PDF to you only when we confirm payment. The past question is worth N2,000 only so ensure that you are ready to pay before contacting us.

It is very important to make payments before contacting us also, note that all payments must be confirmed before we send the past questions and answer to you via your email address or Whatsapp number.

Ensure that you contact us before you proceed to make payment so as not to fall into the hands of scammers

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