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FIRS Salary Structure & Allowances|See How Much FIRS Employees Make?

FIRS Salary Structure & Allowances|Those who would love to apply for the Federal Inland Revenue Service once the application form is released should take note of the salary structures of different employees in the agency.

Do you know the amount earned by employees of the Federal Inland Revenue Service? If you have no knowledge of the amount earned by employees in the Federal Inland Revenue Service, then go through this article to know the salaries of different employees in FIRS.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service recruitment application form is yet to be released but anyone who would love to obtain the form once it is released is advised to take note of the salary structures outlined in this article before the next application form is released.

Salary earned by each employee is affected by the position or rank of that employee per time and since FIRS is a federal government-owned organization, promotional examinations are conducted frequently and those who are successful would move to be promoted to new ranks. This article would provide detailed information on the FIRS salary structure and the various ranks in the organization so ensure to read it thoroughly before the application form is released.

About FIRS

FIRS stands for Federal Inland Revenue Services and it was established in the year 1943, and it is the federal government agency in charge of the collection, accessing, and accounting of tax in Nigeria,

FIRS recruitment is currently not ongoing but it is important to know how to apply for FIRS recruitment so read the FIRS recruitment guide here as we carefully outlined the requirements and how to apply for FIRS recruitment. Salaries being earned by FIRS staff depend on the rank and position of the staff and we would carefully outline the different ranks and their respective salaries in this post.

FIRS Salary Structure

Like we previously stated, the salaries earned by FIRS salaries depend on the rank and position of the staff, and in a tabular format, we would outline the amount being earned by FIRS employees.

Job PositionsAverage Salaries Per Month
Youth Corper Monthly Intern₦34,000 – ₦46,000
Assistant Manager₦310,000 – ₦331,000
Tax Administrator₦342,000 – ₦360,000
Conseiller En Development ₦279,000 – ₦298,900
Inspector Of Taxes₦382,000 – ₦412,600
Accounting Clerk – Monthly Intern₦67,000 – ₦73,000
Accountant₦198,000 – ₦211,000
Human Resources Generalist ₦479,000 – ₦517,000
VAT Officer(Corper)₦24,000 – ₦26,000
Tax Officer₦289,000 – ₦310,000
Corps Member₦24,000 – ₦26,000

From the table below, we can see that some positions earn more than others, and this is due to the nature of the roles they perform in the agency and also please note that this data was gotten from glassdoor so the data might change at any time so ensure that you bookmark this page as we would update it once the data changes.

The allowances earned by employees differ and the higher your cadre, the higher the salary you would earn and it is also very important to note that some workers are not entitled to allowances an example are the youth corpers or those who are on internship.

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