Federal Fire Service 2021 Salary Structure & Allowances|See Monthly & Annual Salaries

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Federal Fire Service 2021 Salary Structure & Allowances|See Monthly & Annual Salaries

Do you want to work with the Federal Fire Service? If yes then it is important to take note of the salary structures for the different ranks in FFS so that once you are recruited, you would already have been aware of the salaries obtainable at different ranks.

This page would provide information on the monthly and annual salaries of officers in the Federal fire service also, we would provide a full list of ranks in the Federal Fire Service so ensure that you read this article till the end because it is rich with information on FFS.

The Salary structure for the Federal Fire service is the Consolidates Paramilitary Salary Structure(CONPASS) and it was implemented on January 18, 2007. CONPASS consolidated a lot of things to the basic salary structure and the items added include transport allowance, meal subsidy, utility allowance, hazard allowance, uniform maintenance allowance, general services allowance, torchlight allowance, detective allowance, hardiness allowance, plain cloth allowance, furniture allowance, and personal servant allowance(for entitled officers.)

About Federal Fire Service

The Federal Fire Service was established in 1901 as an arm of the then Lagos Police Fire brigade however, it was known as Fire Service until 1963 where the Federal Fire Service was established. The aim of establishing the Federal Fire Service includes rescue fire prevention, mitigation, fire fighting, alongside paramedical and information services.

Federal Fire Service Salary Structure

We earlier established a point that there are different ranks in the Federal Fire service and in addition to that, the salary either monthly or annually determines the salary being earned so this means the higher the rank of an officer, the higher his/her salary.

The table below shows the various ranks in the Federal Fire Service and the annual salaries obtainable

Chief InspectorN1,405,449
Deputy Chief InspectorN1,325,234
Assistant Chief InspectorN1,252,038
Principal Marshall InspectorN1,143,539
Senior Marshall InspectorN1,058,416
Marshall Inspector I(MI-I)N777,876
Marshall Inspector II(MI-II)N548,387
Marshall Inspector III(MI-III)N393,442
Chief Fire Marshall Assistant(CFMA)N966,761
Deputy Fire Marshall Assistant(DFMA)N539,038
Senior Fire Marshall Assistant(SFMA)N387,428
Fire Marshall Assistant I(FMA-I)N349,589
Fire Marshall Assistant II(FMA-II)N319,741
Fire Marshall Assistant III(FMA-III)N305,576

Departments Of The Federal Fire Service

There are seven(7) departments in the Federal Fire Service namely:

  • Admin and Supply
  • Investigation, Inspectorate, and Enforcement
  • Disaster Management
  • Policy Planning, Research, and Statistics
  • Operations
  • National Fire Academy
  • Finanace & Account

If you wish to work with the Federal Fire Service, then check the Federal Fire Service Recruitment Guide also, those who applied can check the Federal Fire Service List of Shortlisted Candidates.

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