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FCSC Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form Portal|

FCSC Recruitment Form Portal 2022||The Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment application form for the 2022/2023 recruitment is yet to be released also, the application starting date is unannounced by the management of FCSC but this article would provide all the information one needs to know concerning FCSC recruitment.

The Federal Civil service commission is yet to release its recruitment form however, this article would provide all the vital information concerning the recruitment portal, application commencement dates, and registration guidelines. The Federal Civil Service Commission is one of the most sought-after government agencies by graduates in Nigeria for jobs and the application portal would only be accessible only when the recruitment starting date is announced by FCSC so all interested persons should take proper note of this information.

How can I obtain the Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment application form once it has been released? A lot of job seekers have asked this question but in addition to knowing how to obtain the application form, applicants should also know when the application form is released.

Many of those reading this article are those interested in applying for the next FCSC recruitment application and before the form is eventually released, interested persons are urged to take adequate note of all the information outlined in this article as every procedure outlined in this article would be used when the next FCSC recruitment application form is released.

About FCSC

FCSC stands for Federal Civil Service Commission and they are the body that has the authority and mandate over all civil servants and this includes taking disciplinary actions against any civil servant found guilty of violating a rule. The Office of the head of Civil Service is located at 6 Abidjan St, Wuse 900281, Abuja.

Lots of questions have been asked concerning the recruitment commencement for FCSC recruitment and we would like to urge those looking for employment opportunities with the Federal Civil Service Commission to take this guide seriously else they would not make the shortlisted candidates list.

Before applying for the Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment, you must meet the requirements and anyone who does not meet the minimum requirement has missed an opportunity of being employed so interested applicants should ensure that they take note of the requirements outlined below.

Is the Federal Civil Service Commission Recruitment Form Out? The recruitment portal for the civil service commission recruitment is and the application would be done via the online recruitment portal. In order to be successful in the Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment, one must perform well in the screening exercise and adherence to instruction is another key to being successful in the recruitment exercise.

Requirements For FCSC Recruitment

Applicants are expected to possess the requirements before applying for the recruitment and those who are not eligible would be screened out during the interview so before applying, ensure that you possess the following:

  • A BSc/BEng/BA or any other recognized degree in a related discipline.
  • An Olevel result that has the minimum number of required credits
  • An NYSC discharge or exemption certificate.
  • A means of identification

Important Points To Note

Interested persons should further note that the submission of fake documents is prohibited and also candidates should start preparing for the screening exercise because once the recruitment deadline elapses, recruitment would stop and the recruitment portal would be deactivated immediately.

Due to the nature of recruitment, a lot of people would be interested in applying once the form is released and only a certain amount of people would be selected to hold the various advertised position. There would be a screening exercise conducted for candidates and it would most likely be a CBT examination and the dates for the examination would be announced immediately after the recruitment exercise has been concluded(The deadline for the recruitment elapses).

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Is The Federal Civil Service Commission(FCSC) Currently Recruiting?

It is important to note that FCSC recruitment is yet to commence so disregard any information that says otherwise as it is false. Once the recruitment form is released, the information would be updated on the FCSC recruitment portal also, and the portal would be activated to receive applications.

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How To Apply For Federal Civil Service Commission Recruitment

Only those who submit their application via the specified portal would have their application considered. Interested applicants should follow the steps below to apply for the federal civil service commission recruitment:

FCSC Recruitment Portal Login

The Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment portal is where all the online applications would be done and the FCSC recruitment portal is The recruitment form would be available on the recruitment portal once recruitment commences. The portal would only be activated once the recruitment commences also, it would be deactivated immediately after the recruitment deadline elapses.

The recruitment application portal would only be activated when the recruitment commences. Those who want to apply must ensure that they create an account on the recruitment application portal before they are given access to the application form.

When Is FCSC Recruitment Deadline?

It is important to note that the deadline is yet to be announced but once it’s announced, we would inform you via our mailing list. Information on the FCSC recruitment deadline would be outlined on the job description page so read the job description thoroughly before proceeding to apply for the recruitment.

After the Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment deadline has elapsed, those who met the requirements outlined by the Federal Civil Service Commission would have to undergo a screening exercise. Once the screening schedule is released, you would be updated immediately via this article.

Federal Civil Service Commission Recruitment Update

The Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment portal has been activated for recruitment however, it is important to note that the recruitment form is yet to be released. The recruitment portal still remains and all applications would be done via that website. The shortlisted candidate’s list would be released after the screening exercise and only those who meet the cutoff mark that would make the shortlist.

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