Farm Worker Recruitment Agencies In Canada(2023)|Check Available Jobs Now

The Agricultural sector is a very huge sector and the crops that are grown the most in Canada include wheat, canola, barley, corn, and soybeans. Farmworkers are one of the most popular jobs in Canada and they recruit foreigners who would be willing to work on the farm.

Many immigrants are willing to be employed on Farms across the country and there are staffing agencies that specialize in helping people get jobs on the Farm. These agencies are mostly local ones, however, there are international recruitment agencies as well.

Some employees also offer free visa sponsorship and there are various ways by which you can get farm work in Canada but the use of agencies is the best way.

There are numerous farm jobs available for foreigners and from our research, some of these farm jobs have visa sponsorships attached to them. Getting a visa sponsorship is not an easy task but we outlined where to get some of those types of jobs in this article.

List Of Best Farm Worker Recruitment Agencies In Canada

1. Global Farm & Ranch Recruitment

This is an international recruitment agency that have been active since 1997. For foreign job seekers, take care of the paperwork and assist in helping companies hire temporary foreign workers. They provide immigration services like

  • Work permit applications
  • Permanent residence applications
  • Provincial nominee program applications
  • Express Entry applications
  • Work permit, study permit, and temporary resident visa applications for eligible family members of foreign workers
  • Applications for Canadian Citizenship

Global Farm & Ranch Recruitment focuses on recruiting for the following agricultural disciplines:

  • Dairy
  • Swine
  • Cattle
  • Crop production
  • Equipment operators
  • Agricultural equipment mechanics

2. GreenTech Resources

They are known for providing immigration services, employment services, and post-landing services for job seekers. They are a leading recruitment agency located in Saskatchewan, Canada and one of the industries they focus on is the farming industry.

3. Canadian Recruitment

They specialize in the placement of skilled trades in different disciplines in companies across Canada. The agricultural disciplines they focus on include:

  • Farm Workers
  • Dairy
  • Swine
  • Cattle
  • Crop production
  • Equipment operators
  • Agricultural equipment mechanics

4. Agrirecruiting

Agrirecruiting focuses on recruiting for the Agribusiness sector. Services they provide include Help wanted job boards, HR services, agribusiness recruitment, and free-agent program.

Contact Details Inc.
c/o Kevin Bobier
Kitchener, Ontario
Telephone: 519-872-9796
Email: [email protected]

5. Grassland Group

Grassland group has been providing recruitment services in Canada since 1996 and they provide executive search recruitment in the agricultural sector. They specialize in different agricultural disciplines and they have successfully helped a lot of job seekers to get jobs as Agricultural Technicians, Regional Sales Managers, and Business Representatives.

6. Workvantage International Workforce Solutions

They have been active for more than 15 years experience of in recruiting foreign workers. They provide their recruitment services for a lot of disciplines and Agriculture is one of them.

Contact Details

5000 Yonge Street Suite 1901 Box #99
Toronto, ON, M2N 7E9
Email: [email protected]

7. Agricultural Employment

They are also known as Ag Employ, and in addition to recruiting staff, they also provide immigration services for job seekers who want to move to Canada.

Farm Worker Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship

There are numerous farm worker jobs in Canada with visa sponsorships attached to them. The pay for most of these jobs is hourly and the least amount paid is $10, and some of the jobs can pay as high as $40 hourly. All this information would be provided in the job description.

You can find Farmworker jobs in Canada with visa sponsorships attached on several platforms and one of them is LinkedIn. It is important to verify that the recruiter is genuine as many have fallen into the hands of scammers because of this.

Alternatively, visit the Canadian Job Bank which is a Government owned site where jobs are uploaded, on the search icon, input the job you are searching for and click on browse to find jobs. You can do this every day also, we would inform you immediately new jobs are uploaded there.

General Farmwork Job In Canada For Foreigners

General farmworkers are those who plant, cultivate, harvest crops, and raise livestock to mention a few. This type of role is a general role and the pay would be higher compared to those who are specialized. You can find these types of jobs on sites like LinkedIn, and


When it comes to getting a farmworker job in Canada as a foreigner, recruitment agencies are the best means of getting jobs because it helps the candidate to select the best company and the employer to select the right candidate.

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