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EFCC Salary Structure(2022)| How Much Does EFCC Pay?

EFCC Salary Structure| Do you want to know how much EFCC pays its officers?| Before becoming an officer, it is very important to take note of the salaries of all the officers in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Before you continue with this post, please ensure that you read the EFCC recruitment guide here as it would guide you on how to apply for EFCC recruitment and we also outlined the requirements and other necessary points that would help prospective candidates.

Before the next EFCC recruitment application form is released, those who would love to obtain the recruitment application form are to ensure that they take note of the salary structure for staffs in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission[EFCC].

We have clearly outlined the complete salary structure of officers in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission so look at the salary of the position you are really interested in before the recruitment application form is released to the general public.

It is very important to read this type of article before the next Economic and Financial Crimes Commission recruitment application form is released to the general public. Anyone hoping to get a job with the Economic Financial Crimes Commission is advised to take note of all the figures outlined in this article as we have tried our best to provide a well detailed information of the salaries earned by staff in EFCC.

About EFCC

EFCC stands for Economic Financial Crimes Commission which was created in 2003 and it is a law enforcement agency that is in charge of the investigation of financial frauds such as advanced fee fraud(419) and money laundering. EFCC officers are grouped into several divisions in each division, Officers’ ranks differ and they are paid according to their ranks so ensure that you pay attention to the various departments in EFCC as each department performs different or separate roles in the organization.

EFCC Salary Structure

We would like to expatiate further on the various ranks and divisions in EFCC so that our readers would be well informed. We have outlined the various ranks in EFCC and the salaries obtainable for each rank outlined below so read through the section below thoroughly.


There are basically three ranks in EFCC and most of the officers fall under this category. The following are the three roles in EFCC:

  • Detective superintendent
  • Detective Inspectorate
  • Detective Assistant Cadres of the Cadets

Divisions In EFCC

As we previously stated in the third paragraph, EFCC is divided into six(6) divisions and each division performs different roles in the organization. The six(6) divisions are:

  • Administrative Division
  • Capacity Development Division
  • Research and Publication Division
  • Networking and Collaboration Division
  • Certificate Courses Division
  • Cadets Division

EFCC Salary Structure For Entry Level Staff

This is the lowest cadre in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and they also receive the lowest salaries. The salary for an entry-level staff in EFCC is believed to be N158,000 monthly and entry-level staffs are new intakes in EFCC and the lowest-ranked officers.

Midlevel Salary For Graduate Assistants In EFCC

After finishing two(2) years of experience with the body, EFCC would subject the person to a mid-level salary increase running from around 3-9 years of experience in the organization.

Senior Level Salary For Graduate Assistants

After a graduate completes 10 years of stay in EFCC, he/she is moved from mid-level to senior-level which is a more supreme rank of staff in EFCC. The salaries being earned by a Senior Level Staff is currently unavailable but we would update this post once we get more information on it.

Agent Detective Superintendent Salary Structure

Agent detectives in EFCC are paid a whopping N245,000 per month as they have spent more than 10 years with EFCC.

Entry Level Salary For Deputy Detectives

The salaries for Deputy detectives are also not known for now but we would try our best to find more information on that. This is one of the highly ranked officers in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the salary would likely be above N200,000 per month.

Mid Level Salary For Deputy Detectives

The mid-level salary for deputy detectives is currently estimated to be N245,000 per month and they are one of the highest-ranked officers in the organization hence the reason why they earn much.

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