DPR Salary Structure|How Much Does DPR Pay Its Employees?

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DPR Salary Structure| Do you want to know how much DPR pays its worker?| This article would provide information on the DPR salaries and allowances as a lot of questions have been asked by our followers who are looking for employment opportunities with DPR.

DPR stands for Department of Petroleum Resources that it was founded in the year 1971 and it is an agency under the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources(FMPR). DPR has the responsibility of ensuring the compliance of petroleum laws, regulations, and guidelines in the oil and gas industry, and in other to discharge these responsibilities fully, they would have to monitor drilling sites, producing wells, production platforms, flow stations, refineries, and depot. Before you continue reading this post, it is advisable to read the DPR recruitment guide here as it would guide you on how to apply for DPR recruitment also please note that the recruitment is yet to commence so follow the instructions given in the post to be updated once the recruitment commences.

DPR Salary Structure

The department of petroleum resources is one of the highest paying federal government agency in Nigeria and their employees can earn as high as 10million naira per month and please note the amount earned increases as the rank of the worker also increases. In this post, we would outline the different positions in DPR and how much they earn per month.

Salary Structure For Entry Level Staff

DPR salary for an Entry-level staff is one of the highest in Nigeria and they can earn around ₦133,000 per month which sums up to ₦1.6 million per annum and this amount can increase to ₦2.5million when they add allowances to it no wonder a lot of graduates have been asking questions concerning the earnings of DPR employees.

Salary Structure For Industrial Trainees

Industrial trainees in DPR earn approximately 400,000 per month and this is a huge sum of money for a person in this rank finally, senior officials in DPR can earn over 10 million as we previously stated but we are yet to confirm this so ensure that you bookmark this page as we would provide you with more updates on DPR salary structure from time to time.

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