Chevron Nigeria Salary Structure 2022|How Much does Chevron Pay

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Chevron Nigeria Salary Structure 2022|Do you want to know how much Chevron Nigeria Pays its workers? Companies in the oil and gas sector are one of the highest paying companies and all of them do not pay the same amount so that is why you must take read this article to know the amount Chevron Nigeria employees earn.

Before we give you a piece of brief information on Chevron Nigeria, we would advise that you check our Chevron Nigeria recruitment guide here it would provide you with the steps to apply for the Chevron Nigeria recruitment.

Chevron Nigeria is one of the largest producers of oil in the country and they operate under a joint venture agreement with the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission for the onshore and offshore assets in the Niger Delta region. Chevron Nigeria operates the Agbami field which lies 70 miles off the coast of the central Niger Delta region. To read more about Chevron Nigeria, visit the website here as we limited the description due to the nature of this post.

Chevron Nigeria Salary Structure

Chevron Nigeria is one of the highest paying oil companies in Nigeria and that is why a lot of people want to work with them because they pay well and offer bonuses that are attractive to all their workers. Chevron Nigeria like other oil companies is made up of people from other fields working together as a single unit and the salary one earns depends o the rank or the role being performed in the company.

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Chevron Salary For Engineers

Engineers are the highest paid professionals in Chevron Nigeria because they do the most important jobs and this includes engineering disciplines like Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. The salary for Engineers in Chevron Nigeria is estimated to be between N250,000 to N500,000 and this depends on a lot of factors such as the job description, location, and other factors.

Chevron Salary For GeoScientists

Geoscientist has a very big role to play in any oil and gas company hence the reason why they are paid very well. Chevron Nigeria geologists estimated annual earnings are between N1.800,000 to N2.300.000.

Chevron Salary For Administrators/Accountants/Human Resources

This group of workers is in charge of the office work so they are also paid well so as to perform their duties perfectly. The estimated annual earnings are between N2 million – N25 million and this depends on a lot of factors like experience and location.

Chevron Nigeria Internship Salary Structure

Interns are those who undergo training for a period of time and their estimated salary structure is N30,000 but the range is between N30k to N40k which is one of the highest paying when it comes to the salary received by Interns in Nigeria.

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