Cheapest MBA in Australia for International students

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Australian Universities are one of the best Universities in the world but one of the things one should consider before attending any institution is the cost of living and from our research, Australia is an expensive place to school in but you would are assured of quality so that is why we decided to compile a list of Universities that one can undergo the quality MBA degree programme at a cheap rate.

Below is the list of the cheapest Universities in Australia to run a the MBA degree programme:

1. Kaplan Business School

Kaplan Business School is a private institution that initially started offering courses in 2008 and its parent institution is Kaplan Inc. Kaplan operates in seven(7) CRICOS(Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) registered campuses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

There are some requirements that one needs to meet before applying and the requirements for international students differ from the requirements for local students so click here to read the requirements.

2. Holmes Institute

Holmes Institute was established in the year 1963 and it is previously known as Holmes College of Management or Holmes College. The MBA programme at Holmes Institute aims to increase the range of your management skills and the course has 12 units and they are eight core units in the MBA . The Holmes institute programme focuses on the following areas:

  • International Business and Enterprise
  • Accounting and Finance
3. Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University is a public institution that was established in the year 2003 and its main campuse is located in Darwin and the other eight campuses are located in some metropolitan and regional areas. There are some requirements that one should take note of before applying for the MBA degree programme in Charles Darwin University so click here to read it.

4. Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University is a public institution that was established in the year 1991 and it is located in Perth, Western Australia. Edith Cowan University was named after the first woman to be elected to an Australian Parliament and it offers more that 300 courses including online courses.

5. Victoria University

Victoria University was initially established in the year 1916 but it was given a University status in the year 1990 and it is a dual-sector tertiary institution. Victoria University has campuses located throughout Melbourne’s western region. Victoria University MBA programme covers a range of disciplines focused on business management and some of them are: ethics and sustainability, leadership & Strategy, and team management.

6. Central Queensland University

Central Queensland University was established in the year 1967 but it was given a University status in the year 1992 and the motto of the institution is Doctrina Perpetua which means forever learning. The MBA programme requirements for domestic and international students is different so visit this page to read more.

7. Federation University

Federation University is a public dual sector University that was established in the year 1870 and it is the fourth oldest tertiary education institution in Australia. To be eligible for the MBA programme in Federation University, you would need either of the following:

  • An undergraduate degree from any discipline with at least 3 years’ work experience.
  • No degree but hold significant, documented work and management experience.
8. University Of Southern Queensland

The University Of Southern Queensland which was formerly called University College of Southern Queensland was established in the year 1967 and it has three research institutes and seven research centers. There are certain requirements that one must possess before they can apply for the University of Southern Queensland so visit the page here to read the requirements.

9. Southern Cross University

The Southern Cross University was established in the year 1994 and it has five(5) campuses scattered across different places in Australia. The Masters In Business Administration programme covers the following specialisations:

  • Accounting
  • Managing and Leading People
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Research
  • Managing and Leading People
10. University Of Sunshine Coast

The University Of Sunshine Coast is a public university that was established in 1994 and was initially known as the Sunshine Coast University College. The MBA programme at the University Of Sunshine Coast can be done either at the Sunshine Coast or programme and the admission requirements are:

  • Possess an undergraduate degree from a recognized higher education institution or equivalent
  • Have at least two years relevant full-time equivalent work or other relevant experience
  • Candidates whose first language is other than English must demonstrate an appropriate level of English proficiency

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