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Cdfipb Recruitment 2022/2023 Registration Application Form Portal|

Cdfipb Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form Portal|| Do you want to apply for the Civil Defence, Fire, Prisons, and Immigration Services recruitment? In this article, adequate information would be provided on the steps applicants ought to follow when trying to apply for the Cdfipb recruitment.

Do you want to apply for the Civil Defence recruitment? Cfipb application form is yet to be released to the general public but a lot of people are really interested in getting the application form once it has been released and in this article, we would try our best to provide all the information you need to know concerning Cdfipb recruitment.

Cdfipb recruitment application form is released frequently and those who would love to obtain the next recruitment application should be well prepared for the release of the next application form and this article has virtually all the information that interested persons must know in order to have a successful Cdfipb recruitment application.

Cdfipb is a combination of different paramilitary units and not an independent paramilitary outfit also, these paramilitary outfits make use of the same recruitment application portal to conduct their recruitment and this article would inform you of the specific unit undergoing recruitment immediately after the release of its application form.


Before we continue, provide a piece of brief information on Cdfipb as it may be required in the future. Cdfipb stands for Civil Defence, Fire, Prisons and Immigration Services and it was established in 1999 it comprises the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, Federal Fire Service, Nigerian Immigration Service, and Nigerian Prison Services.

A lot of our followers have been asking questions with regards to Cdfipb recruitment and this article would provide answers to all the questions also, It is important to note that only those who meet the requirements would be eligible to participate in the Cdfip recruitment so interested applicants should take note of the following requirements outlined below.

After applying for Cdfipb recruitment, applicants would be invited to write an aptitude test and upon completion of the test, those who participated would have to visit the Cdfipb result portal or application status checker to check their application status.

Requirements For Cdfipb Recruitment

Only those who are eligible to apply for the recruitment would be invited to participate in the screening exercise and this is the reason why all applicants should ensure that they possess the requirements before applying. The table below outlines the requirements that applicants must possess before proceeding to the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration, and Prisons Board recruitment portal to apply.

Minimum Height(Male)1.65m
Minimum Height(Female)1.60m
Minimum Age18
Maximum Age35
Other RequirementsMedical Fitness, and Good Character

NSCDC Recruitment
Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment
NCS Recruitment

Important Points To Note

It is important for applicants to note that Cdfipb recruitment is free of charge and you would not be charged any amount of money in order to access the application form. Only those who have created an account on the application portal would be able to access the recruitment form.

All applicants should crosscheck the details submitted before submitting the application form also, check the documents you submit and ensure that it matches what is in your possession as you would have to verify it.

Is Cdfipb Recruitment Currently Ongoing?

It is important to note that the Nigerian Immigration Service which is one of the boards that make up Cdfip is currently ongoing recruitment and those who want to apply should read the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment application guide before proceeding to the portal to apply.

In the NIS Recruitment application guide, you would get all the information that you would need to know in order to successfully apply for the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment so ensure that you go through the article thoroughly before proceeding to the NIS recruitment application portal.

The Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment application is no longer ongoing as of today. The deadline for the application has elapsed and those who were able to apply for the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment should visit this article regularly to get information on the next step or procedure to follow.

How To Apply For Cdfipb Recruitment

Interested applicants should follow the steps below to apply:

  • Visit the Cdfipb recruitment portal
  • Create an account on the portal
  • Log in to your portal
  • Fill out the application form and upload your credentials
  • Submit once you are done

When Is Cdfipb Recruitment Deadline?

The Civil Defence, Fire, Prisons and Immigration Services recruitment deadline is yet to be announced but we would inform you via this article once it is announced or released. The deadline for the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment is July 30, 2022, so candidates should submit their application forms before that date.

The Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment application deadline is around the corner and those who are yet to apply or obtain the recruitment application form should visit the recruitment application portal immediately after reading this article to apply.

Cdfipb Recruitment Latest News

A lot of people want to know the latest news on Cdfipb recruitment and we would like to inform the general public that the Cdfipb recruitment portal is closed but when it opens for another round of recruitment, we would update this article. None of the agencies that make up Cdfipb is currently undergoing recruitment but this section would be updated immediately after recruitment commences.

Cdfipb Recruitment Portal Shortlist

Civil Defence shortlist would be released after the screening and examination have been concluded and the Cfipb recruitment shortlist article would guide you on how to check the shortlist.

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