10 Best Job Sites In Canada For 2023|Check The Best Job Sites In Canada For Foreigners

Canada is one of the best countries for immigrants and this is because of its immigration-friendly laws hence this makes it one of the best destinations for immigrants. A lot of foreigners who are planning on migrating would probably be looking for jobs that can help them live a comfortable life and job sites are the best places to look for a job.

For job seekers who reside in Canada, the best way of getting a job is via job sites. There are numerous scam sites that job seekers should avoid as they are of no good. The sites below have a good worldwide reputation so visit any of them as you feel after going through this article.

For foreigners, interested in working in Canada, job sites are also the best places to secure a job and a lot of people have benefitted from making use of job boards. As a foreigner, we would recommend you make use of the job sites below and also make sure that you have a resume before doing so.

There are numerous Job sites but when searching for a job, we would advise that you make use of sites that have a good reputation and have been around for a very long time. The best category of sites to make use of our international job sites like Indeed which has been around for a very long time because of its good reputation and positive reviews.

List Of Top 10 Job Sites In Canada For Foreigners & Immigrants

As we earlier stated, there are numerous Job sites in Canada that foreigners & Immigrants can make use of but we would outline the best 10 below. The list was chosen based on user preference and those who feel that there are more sites not listed in this list, then drop your comments below.

1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the best international job sites in the world and it is very easy to use because previous employees would do a review of the company in which they once worked in. Glassdoor has been active since 2014 and they have a section where one can see the salary structure for a company before applying.

2. Robert Half

Robert Half apart from being a recruitment agency is also a job search site where people can find jobs to apply for. Robert Half also has a mobile application that is available for Android and Apple users hence this means you can do virtually anything that you want to do on their website via their mobile application.

3. Eluta

Eluta is a Canadian Job search website and one of the things that make Eluta unique is that they take jobs directly from the employer’s website also, with Eluta, you can narrow your job search to a specific location in Canada. Eluta is very easy to navigate and does not require you to signup before using it.

4. Indeed

Indeed is an easy to use Job search website and it has some similarities with Glassdoor though they are completely different companies. Indeed also have a review section for companies so you can check the review of a company you plan on working with before applying.

5. Monster

Monster Canada was established in 1997 and apart from being a job site, it also offers services like resume uploads, resume review services, and networking boards. Moster Canada also has a section where they offer career advice for job seekers.

6. Jobboom

Jobboom is the largest employment site in Quebec and jobs on the website are divided into categories namely: Jobs by City, Jobs by Industry, and Jobs by status. Jobboom also offers employment solutions for employers, making it possible for them to directly reach qualified candidates. Jobboom has articles that can help job seekers prepare for interviews.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a networking site that helps you to find jobs directly and through networks. Applying for jobs on LinkedIn is very easy also you can receive email updates once there are available jobs in your location that suit your profile. Your profile is your resume so if you want to apply for a job via LinkedIn all you need to do is to share the resume and the employer would automatically have access to your profile.

8. Career Builder

Career Builder is an American job search engine that was discovered in 1995 and the website is well designed and it has a lot of informative articles for job seekers also, it also has where job seekers can upload or build their resume if they don’t have any. One feature that makes Career Builder stand out is the Quick Apply feature which allows you to apply for multiple jobs at once in just a matter of seconds.

9. ZipRecruiter

Zip Recruiter is a very organized job site that can also be used by those in other countries and Zip recruiter displays trending jobs also their search feature allows you to narrow your search to a specific state or city. ZIp recruiter categorizes businesses into small and medium businesses and enterprise businesses.

10. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is an American Job site but it can also be used for those searching for jobs in Canada. SImply hired has a free resume builder that can help those without a resume to build one also, they have a salary estimator which allows one to estimate the salary he/she can earn from a certain position.


Job sites are one of the best and easiest ways to find jobs but it is also important to make sure that the site you are using is a highly rated site. The sites listed above all have good reviews and have been active for years so you can trust them.

If you have any job site which you feel should have made this list but is not on this list then drop the name in the comment section below.

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