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Best IT, Creative, Construction & Engineering Recruitment Agencies In the Netherlands For Foreigners(2022)[Updated]

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There are a lot of recruitment agencies in the Netherlands and most of the International recruitment agencies in the Netherlands are multilingual recruitment agencies that specialize in different disciplines. The ligua franca of the Netherlands is Dutch and there are job seekers who are English speakers and would love to employ the services of recruitment agencies.

If you are in the creative sector or engineering sector, then you would need to know recruitment agencies that specialize in that sector. This article contains information about recruitment agencies that specializes in the creative and engineering or construction related sector.

There are recruitment agencies that are multilingual and they have provided a solution to help those who are English speakers.

The disciplines outlined above are some of the most sought after disciplines in the world with the Netherlands inclusive. This article would provide a list of top recruitment agencies that provide recruitment services for industries like Information Technology, Construction, Creative, and Engineering.

List Of Best IT, Creative, Construction & Engineering Recruitment Agencies In The Netherlands

Below is a list of some of the best IT, creative, construction & engineering recruitment agencies in the Netherlands that job seeker can utilize to aid their job search.

1. Undutchables

Undutchables is one of the leading recruitment agencies in the Netherlands and they are a multidisciplinary recruitment agency. They are the pioneers in the recruitment of international business sector personnels in the country. Those who are not fluent in speaking dutch can make use of any of the languages available on the website.

2. Blue Lynx

Blue Lynx was established by Tina and they have been active for over 32 years. They specialize in a lot of disciplines and some of the disciplines include Engineering, Creatives, IT & Software development. There are useful articles on their site for job seekers.

3. Adams Multilingual Recruitment

Adams Multilingual recruitment agency is a temporary recruitment agency that has over 20 years of recruitment. Their services include direct hire and temporary recruitment and they have a recruitment process that job seekers must pass through before being employed. They specialize in IT and other disciplines.

4. Hays Netherlands

Hays is one of the top global recruitment agencies in Hays and their services include permanent, temporary, interim, and contracting recruitment. They specialize in disciplines like IT, IT contracting, Engineering, and other disciplines.

5. Page Personnel

Page Personnel is a subsidiary of the Michael Page group and they specialize in temporary and permanent recruitment. They follow a recruitment process to select their candidates and their specialties include information technology, technology and engineering, and other fields.

6. Michael Page

Michael Page is a leading recruitment agency in the world and they have offices in cities like Amsterdam, and Rotterdam. The services they offer are similar to that of Page Personnel and they also specialize in disciplines like Engineering and Information Technology

7. Robert Walters

Robert Walters is a leading headhunter and the company was established by Robert Walters. Their offices in the Netherlands are located in cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Utrecht and their areas of expertise include Information Technology and other disciplines.

8. JustIn Recruitment Netherlands

JUSTIN Recruitment specializes in recruiting young professionals who want to work in top cities like Rotterdam, and Amsterdam. They focus on Information Technology and other disciplines.

9. Cybersecurity Recruitment

CyberSecurity Recruitment is a recruitment agency whose focus is on cybersecurity. The company was established in 2018 by Laurens Jagt, and Melih Berk Eksioglu, Jedi Master.

10. LEF Recruitment Netherland

LEF Recruitment Agency is an expert recruitment agency in the Den Bosch region in the Netherlands and they partner with a lot of top companies. A list of these companies can be seen on their website and their areas of expertise include ICT and other disciplines.

11. The Search Company

The Search Company has been providing recruitment and selection for over 20 years in the Netherlands. They are experts in the IT industry and their expertise includes IT & IT, Technology, IT and IT Sales, Finance within ICT and IT, IT and IT Consultancy, IT and IT management.

The services they provide include ICT and IT recruitment and selection, IT and IT secondment, ICT and IT executive search.


These are the Best IT, Creative, Construction & Engineering Recruitment Agencies in the Netherlands, and a majority of them are local recruitment agencies however, some of them are top international recruitment agencies. We would like to hear your opinion via the comment section below.

We hope you found this list very useful also, let us know what you think about these recruitment agencies via the comment section.

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