Airtel Tariff Plans & Bundles| Check Their Migration Codes & Bonuses

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Every network has its own tariff plans and it is important to take note of the tariff plans of any network you are using because they might be some benefits that you might be missing, for example, you might load a recharge card of N100 without getting any bonus but someone will load that same amount and get data for browsing and also airtime for calling so if you are using an airtel sim, then it is important that you read this article till the end.

Airtel Tariff Plans and bundles are two(2) different things so do not mix them up because a lot of people tend to classify all of them as the same thing. Airtel has five(5) tariff plans as at the time of writing this article and four(4) bundles and we would list the various plans under each of them and the benefits.

Airtel Tariff Plans

Like we earlier stated, there are five(5) Tariff plans in Airtel namely:

  • Smart Connect
  • Smart Trybe
  • Smart Talk 2.0
  • Smart Premier Bundle
  • Smart Trybe Junior
Smart Connect

The Airtel Smart Connect is a default plan for every newly registered sim so if you just purchased an Airtel sim card then note that you are on the Smart Connect tariff plan. The Smart Connect bundle offers a 100% bonus on every data bundle and an 8 times bonus on every recharge. The Smart Connect bonuses are applicable for 90 days on all purchases of data bundles below N5000.

Smart Connect Data Bonuses

The table below shows the data bonuses for the Smart Connect plan

Data BundleStandard BundleBonusTotal ValueValidity
5040MB40MB80MB1 Day
100100MB100MB200MB1 Day
200200MB200MB400MB3 Days
300350MB350MB700MB7 Days
500750MB750MB1.5GB14 Days
10001.5GB1.5GB3GB30 Days
15003GB3GB6GB30 Days
20004.5GB4.5GB9GB30 Days
25006GB6GB12GB30 Days
30008GB8GB16GB30 Days
500011GB11GB22GB30 Days
Smart Connect 8X Bonus On Every Recharge
Main Account creditN100N200N300N500N1,000
Bonus Credit – VoiceN300N600N900N1,500N3,000
Bonus Credit – DataN400N800N1,200N2,000N4,000
Total CreditN800N1,600N2,400N4,000N8,000
The Bonuses outlined in the table above apart from the Main account credit are valid for seven(7) days
How To Check Your Balances

To check your balance dial  *123# for Bonus Balance Dial *123*1#, and for Voice bundle balances, dial Dial *123*2#. Finally, please note that the bonuses cannot be accumulated and all international calls would be charged from your main account balance.

Smart Trybe 2.0

Smart trybe is one of the best tarrif plans for those who are into night plans and also, it it the best plans for students so if you are a student using an Airtel line, then ensure that you migrate to Smart Trybe after reading this article.

To Migrate to Smart Trybe, dial *312# and the following are the benefits of Smart Trybe:

  • Calls at 11k/sec to all networks
  • 1.5GB for N500. Valid for 7 days (*141*505#)
  •  Night Browsing
  • N25 for 250MB. Valid between 12 midnight and 5 am
Smart Talk 2.0

To migrate to the Smart Talk data bundle, dial *315# and the benefits of this tariff plan are:

  • Call all networks in Nigeria at 11kobo per second (from the very 1st second).
  • Special Data offer for Smart Talk 2.0 – Buy 1.5GB for N500 by using the code *141*505#
Smart Premier Bundle

The Smart Premier bundle has two packages under it namely Smart Premier Bundle Platinum, and Smart Premier Bundle Platinum Plus, and to migrate, dial *470# on your Airtel line. The table below shows the Smart Premier Bundle plans:

Smart Premier BundleBundle PriceVoice MinutesSMSData Bundle
Smart Premier Bundle PlatinumN5,0005005003GB
Smart Premier Bundle Platinum PlusN10,000100010006GB
Smart TRYBE Junior

The Smart Trybe Junior Tariff plan was made specially for kids and it has an app called Smart Trybe Junior app. To opt in to this tariff plan, dial *317# and some of the benefits of this Tariff plan includes:

  • Free calls & SMS to Mum & Dad from kid’s line
  • 10% bonus of airtime transferred to kid’s line when the parents recharges
  • 100% bonus on data purchases from 200MB and above to browse
  • NERDC approved courses presented in formats that make learning fun for kids
Airtel Voice Bundles

The Airtel Voice Bundles consist of the following:

  • TalkMore 5X Bundle
  • Voice+ Bundle
  • 6X Bundle
  • 10X Smart Recharge
TalkMore 5X Bundles

The TalkMore 5X bundle gives you 500% of the value of any airtime you recharge to make calls and also send SMS to any network in Nigeria. This plan can also be used to make International calls, and to migrate, dial *234# on your registered Airtel sim card.

The table below shows the available talk more plans, subscription codes, sms short codes, and validity

N60N300*234*60#Send TM60 to 2343 Days
N100N500*234*100#Send TM100 to 23430 Days
N150N750*234*150#Send TM150 to 23430 Days
N200N1,000*234*200#Send TM200 to 23430 Days
N250N1,250*234*250#Send TM250 to 23430 Days
N300N1,500*234*300#Send TM300 to 23430 Days
N500N2,500*234*500#Send TM500 to 23430 Days
N700N3,500*234*700#Send TM700 to 23430 Days
N1,000N5,000*234*1000#Send TM1000 to 23430 Days
N1,500N7,500*234*1500#Send TM1500 to 23430 Days
N3,000N15,000*234*30#Send TM3000 to 23430 Days
Voice+ Bundles

Voice+ bundles gives you both airtime and data bonuses and to migrate, dial *154*1# also, the table below shows the various Voice+ bundles:

PriceAirtime BonusData BonusUSSD CodeValidity
N300150050MB*154*1*300#7 Days
N5002500100MB*154*1*500#7 Days
N10005000300MB*154*1*1000#14 Days
N2000100001GB*154*1*2000#30 Days
N5000250003GB*154*1*5000#30 Days
N10000500005GB*154*1*10000#90 Days
N15000750008.5GB*154*1*15000#90 Days
N2000010000010.5GB*154*1*20000#90 Days
6X Bundles

This bundle gives you 6X the value of your recharge or data, SMS and calls to all networks and there is no migration code for this plan as it is open to all Airtel prepaid subscribers. Dial *555*Recharge Pin# to enjoy this plan also take note of the bonuses and validity shown in the table below:

Amount RechargedAirtime ValueValidity
N100N60014 Days
N200N120030 Days
N300N180030 Days
N500N300030 Days
N1000N600030 Days
Smart Recharge

This plan gives you 10X the value of your recharge and like the previous plan, there is no migration code as it is open to all Airtel prepaid users. To enjoy this plan, dial *220*Recharge Pin# also take note of the validity and bonuses in the table below:

Amount RechargedValue for Voice Calls ReceivedValue for Data Usage Received10X ValuePLUS Extra Data ValueTotal SmartRECHARGE ValueBundle Validity
N100N500N500N1,000——–N1,0003 Days
N200N1,000N1,000N2,000——N2,0007 Days
N500N2,000N3,000N5,000N3,000N8,00014 Days
N1000N2,500N7,500N10,000N7,500N17,50014 Days

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