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Airtel Data Plans & Subscription Codes| Check Best Airtel Data Plans| Are you using an Airtel sim card and want to subscribe for a data plan? If yes, then you are in the right place because this article would provide all the Airtel data plans and subscription codes.

There are a lot of reasons why people make use of Airtel for browsing and one of them is because of its browsing speed while another reason is that their data plans are very affordable and before you subscribe for any airtel data bundle, there are some things that you need to possess and some of them are:

  • An Airtel sim card that is recharged
  • A mobile device or PC

Airtel has a lot of data plans and you can simply view all of them by dialing *141# but this would take time to start viewing the data bundles under each plan so scroll down and select the data bundle you want from this article. Below is a list of Airtel data plans:

  • Daily Plans
  • Monthly Plans
  • Mega Plans
  • Social Plans
  • Instagram Bundles
  • Facebook & Whatsapp Bundles
  • Opera Bundles
  • SmartTrybe Plan
  • Router Plans
  • Top Up Plans(Postpaid plans)
  • Pay as you Use
Daily Plans

The Airtel Daily plans are very cheap and affordable with the cost of the lowest plan being N50 and the highest N1,500. below is a table showing the Airtel daily plans

N5040MB1 Day*141*50#
N100100MB1 Day*141*100#
N200200MB3 Days*141*200#
N3001GB1 Day*141*354#
N300350MB7 Days*141*300#
N500750MB + 1GB YouTube Night Streaming14 Days*141*500#
N5001GB + 1GB YouTube Night Streaming
7 Days*141*502#
N5002GB2 Days*141*504#
N15006GB7 Days*141*1504#
Monthly Plans

The monthly plans are one of the best plans and this is because they have massive bonuses attached and they are very affordable.

N1,0001.5GB + 2GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*1000#
N1,2002GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*1200#
N1,5003GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*1500#
N2,0004.5GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*2000#
N2,5006GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*2500#
N3,00010GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*3000#
N4,00011GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*4000#
Mega Plans

The Mega plans are designed specially for heavy data users and only the N5000 plan has a bonus attached to it. Below is a list of the Mega plans:

N5,00020GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*5000#
N8,00025GB30 Days*141*8000#
N10,00040GB30 Days*141*10000#
N15,00075GB30 Days*141*15000#
N20,000120GB30 Days*141*20000#
N30,000200GB30 Days*141*30000#
N36,000280GB30 Days*141*36000#
N50,000400GB90 Days*141*50000#
N60,000500GB120 Days*141*60000#
N100,0001TB365 Days*141*100000#
Social Bundles

The Social Bundle is made mainly for those who are looking for affordable plans to access all of their social media accounts. Below is a list of Airtel social bundles:

N2520MB1 Day
N5040MB1 Day*991*4#
N100200MB5 Days*688*3#
N300700MB25 Days*688*1#
Instagram Bundles

The Instagram bundles is made for those who love using Instagram so if you make use of Instagram frequently, then you would need any of the plans below:

N100250MB1 Day*141*105#
N2001GB1 Day*141*205#
Facebook & Whatsapp Bundles

These plans are made especially for those who use Facebook and Whatsapp messenger frequently so if you are a frequent user of any of those applications then check the table below for the plan you can afford.

FB+WA DailyN25100MB1 Day*141*254#
FB+WA WeeklyN50200MB7 Days*141*54#
FB+WA MonthlyN100500MB30 Days*141*104#
Opera Bundles

These are bundles that you can use for your Operamini browser so if you frequently use Operamini to browse, then you should take note of the bundles below:

Opera Bundle DailyN2025MB1 Day*141*253#
Opera Bundle WeeklyN50100MB7 Days*141*53#
Opera Bundle MonthlyN100300MB30 Days*141*103#
Smart TRYBE Plans

This plan is only available to existing customers on Airtel SmartTrybe 2.0 and Smart Talk 2.0 and it has only one data plan under it.

Top Up Bundles(PostPaid)

These are plans that allow you stay connected to the internet even after your data plan has been exhausted and the validity is to the end of the month.

N5001GBMonth End*141*11*9#
N10002GBMonth End*141*11*10#
N20004GBMonth End*141*11*11#
N500010GBMonth End*141*11*12#
PAYU Plans

This plan allows you to surf the internet even without an active data plan and you can surf the internet with a minimal fee of N3/MB. To use this plan, simply dial *400#.

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