AEDC Recruitment Form Portal 2020

AEDC Recruitment Form Portal 2020|Are you looking for how to work with the AEDC or are you currently unemployed and looking for a job with AEDC? If yes, then this article would give you the necessary details you need on AEDC recruitment including how to apply, requirements and other necessary and related information.

AEDC Recruitment Form Portal 2020

Like we usually do, we would give you a brief information on AEDC as you need to have a little information about the company you wish to work for. AEDC stands Abuja Electricity Distribution Company and it is in charge of the distribution of electricity, electric meters and other to Abuja and it’s environs(Niger, Kogi and Nassarawa). 60% of AEDC is owned by KANN utility Limited and 40% is owned by the Federal Governement.

A lot of questions related to AEDC recruitment have been asked by our followers and we decided to publish this post to answer all the questions below.

1. Is AEDC recruitment currently ongoing?

2. What are the requirements for AEDC recruitment?

3. How do I apply for AEDC recruitment?

4. When is the deadline for AEDC recruitment?

If your question falls into any of the categories mentioned above, make sure you read this post thoroughly as it would answer all your questions.

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Requirements For AEDC Recruitment 2020

1. Applicant should have a degree preferably a Bsc or higher in a related field.

2. Applicant should have an O’level result that meet the minimum requirement.

3. Applicant should possess basic computing skills.

4. Applicant must meet the age requirement stipulated by AEDC.

Applicants are advised to have original copies of their credentials as it may be required.

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1. Application is free of charge.

2. Documents would be scanned and uploaded to AEDC recruitment portal.

3. Only shortlisted candidates would be shortlisted.

Is AEDC Is Currently Recruiting?

Presently, AEDC is not undergoing any form of recruitment so disregard any news that say otherwise.

How To Apply

Interested applicants should visit AEDC recruitment portal to apply and also make sure you bookmark this page as it would be updated once recruitment starts.

When AEDC Recruitment Deadline?

Presently, AEDC recruitment is not ongoing so there is no deadline but once recruitment starts, you would be updated via our social media pages and our mailing list.

Please make sure you subscribe to our mailing list and follow our social media pages so that you would be updated or informed once recruitment starts.

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