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Thank you very much for this information.

The Magic of Storytelling: The Gateway to Literacy
Early Childhood Education - Discover Playful Ways to Engage Children in Storytelling

Literacy begins with telling our story! Discover playful and creative ways to engage children in speaking and writing about their lives through imaginary play.

This course follows the research of Vivian Paley, examining our adult perceptions of children's learning and the value of imaginary play. We will examine the work of Vygotsky and Dewey as they describe the child as a social learner, becoming knowledgeable within the context of group work. Finally we will encourage teachers to take a leap of faith in modeling storytelling based upon the real stories occurring in your classroom.

This course includes over 60 minutes of quality classroom video and pdf article downloads.

Who is the target audience?
This course is designed for Early Childhood educators, leaders and policy makers.

About the Instructor

Mary Ann Biermeier
Early Childhood Curriculum & Instruction M.Ed.
Mary Ann Biermeier is the Director of Professional Development at NAEYC accredited preschool in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is Director of the INSPIRE Early Childhood Leadership Series providing educator workshops and online courses in the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. She began her teaching career in education in 2000 after a 20 year career in software design and development.

She currently serves on the board of directors for Arizona's VSAEYC as Vice President of Public Policy. She has served on the executive board of All-Star Kids Tutoring, an Arizona non-profit providing volunteer tutors that mentor children in grades 2 & 3 struggling with literacy and reading fluency. She is also former board chair of Communities In Schools, an Arizona non-profit providing community resources within schools to help young people successfully learn, stay in school and prepare for life.

Mary Ann Biermeier holds a Masters degree with distinction in Early Childhood Education Curriculum & Instruction from Northern Arizona University and a B.A. in Political Science & Economics from the University of Minnesota.

Deep learning is always connected to enjoyment. Teaching and learning ~ all things with joy!

The videos along with the lecture helped me to understand better what is expected of me as a teacher. I realize now it is not necessary for the teacher to every second of the day to be full of information. I can provide materials and observe and listen sometimes and document the children's imaginations and thoughts.- Brenda Johnson

Enroll for the course Free :

Enjoy your day!

Teacher guide for teaching elementary school children how to code a story they wrote.

Coding Curriculum: Upper Elementary School

Project #1: Writing and Coding

Writing Code for a Written Story

These coding skills will allow students to bring their written stories to life.

For each session I recommend a 5 minute mini-lesson introducing the new skills (I Do) followed by students demonstrating the skills using a SMART board or projector while you are with them on the carpet for 3-5 minutes (We Do) and ending with 30 minutes of the children working in pairs or independently (You Do) while you circulate and assist. I recommend placing a check next to skills once a student has demonstrated mastery. This will help you assess which students need small-group instruction.

Who is the target audience?
Teachers, Parents, Students, Educators, Anyone Interested in Coding for Kids.

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