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Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University represented by the Deanship of Admissions and Registration is pleased to announce the opening of electronic submission for External Grants and Scholarships through the Admissions Portal for the Academic Year of 1438 – 1439 H.

The University urges students to apply through IAU’s website ( by entering the Study with Us Icon then External Grants and Scholarships. The submission will start on June 15, 2017 until August 12, 2017.


The applicant should not be a resident living in Saudi Arabia and should not have an Iqama.The applicant's high school diploma should be granted from outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has been received within five years or less.The applicant must be between the ages of 17 and 25 years.The applicant should not be granted any scholarship from any other educational institution in Saudi Arabia.The applicant should not have been suspended from an educational institution in the Kingdom.The applicant should not have an Iqama and should know how to read and speak Arabic.All documents, certificates and identity papers should be verified and stamped by the Saudi Embassy or cultural attaché in the student's country.The applicant should pass all medical exams that are required by the University.The University may require recommendations from one of the concerned bodies, institutions or private or government authorities in the applicant's country.
Recently it was announced by the federal government that primary and secondary schools will be made to deliver Maths and Science education in the country in local Nigerian languages. This policy proposal if implemented will bring about a significant shift in the Nigerian education system.
What do you think about the proposal?
General Discussion / Re: How to get email notifications for new posts.
« Last post by educationadmin on June 22, 2017, 08:39:07 PM »
Thank you very much for this information.
General Discussion / How to get email notifications for new posts.
« Last post by learningpath on June 21, 2017, 05:50:29 PM »
How to get email notifications for new posts

Simple click on a board (e.g General Discussion) and click the “Notify” tab and you are instantly subscribed to that board, meaning you will get email whenever there is a new post or reply.

While there is currently no universal option to enable email notifications for the entire forum all at once, clicking the “Notify” tab in each board is an easy workaround.

There is no doubt that the direction of a nation is determined by the information its citizens are fed with. So, curriculum as the guide to information source is an essential key in any national system. The quality of the curriculum adopted by an educational institution reveals its focus and direction. Overtime, several attempts have been made by Nigerians and Nigerian governments to design curriculums that will be our unique sources of the clear vision and mission of the Nigeria-state, and thus prepare Nigerians from their earliest lives for the attainment of the lofty goals of this Great Country, NIGERIA.

However, the continual lack of focus, and inappropriate aggregation of the collective aims and objectives of maximizing benefits from our endowed resources have greatly contributed to the failure of achieving the desired results from most of the curriculums designed by Nigerians and Nigerian governments; hence the advocate for the adoption of foreign curriculums.

The poser is, is there any need to adopt the foreign curriculums? My answers to this are Yes and No. Though my yes does not mean total adoption, the global world today has made partial adoption unavoidable. For instance, there are many developed countries in the world who are advanced in science and technology which is the driver of today's society. So, if we have to be part of the global village, we cannot but look into what will give us the required links to be there; and, this is the curriculums of these foreign countries. We do not need to adopt what they teach but we need to learn from the systems they have adopted in designing them.

It is undeniable that some countries are given the nomenclature, Advanced, because of the vibrant rigid systems they have created and made work in their countries. The fact remains that NIGERIA does not lack the human and material resources that can create the required good education system for the country but the problem is that only a few number of them have the privilege of being part of the policymakers. Today, most of our policymakers are not well-schooled in the vision and mission created for Nigeria by the foremost nationalists who were part of the creation of this Great Nation, NIGERIA.

Hence, for education is a vital means of advancing a nation, curriculum is its heart while the system adopted in putting it together is paramount; we can take this system from the advanced foreign countries.

Moreover, my no is premised on  the need for contents localization. To bring out the uniqueness of NIGERIA, the contents of our curriculum have to be from us. The economic principle of comparative advantage has put NIGERIA in a position that will afford it the opportunity to make its contributions to the world from its endowments. If we adopt completely the foreign curriculums, we will teach their contents and live in their world; we will be their shadow. In the real sense, we will have no contribution to make to the world as a nation. We will only embellish their ideas: if you know the case of research in Nigerian universities where we only adopt and apply the theories and principles propounded by foreigners, you will understand my point perfectly.

Finally, many famous giant countries of the world today are what they are from the minds of their citizens. Malaysia is reckoned with today because they designed their unique approach to solve their national problems. The America of yesterday came up with a viable system to solve their problems and get to where they are today. The South Korean and Japanese approaches to end their economic challanges have created an identity for them in the world today. If we have to make impart on the world soon, we need to design our own approach while we learn from the advanced systems. We need to fashion out a unique curriculum for this Great Country, NIGERIA.

Ayinla Lateef
Summit Doc-Editor
The Magic of Storytelling: The Gateway to Literacy
Early Childhood Education - Discover Playful Ways to Engage Children in Storytelling

Literacy begins with telling our story! Discover playful and creative ways to engage children in speaking and writing about their lives through imaginary play.

This course follows the research of Vivian Paley, examining our adult perceptions of children's learning and the value of imaginary play. We will examine the work of Vygotsky and Dewey as they describe the child as a social learner, becoming knowledgeable within the context of group work. Finally we will encourage teachers to take a leap of faith in modeling storytelling based upon the real stories occurring in your classroom.

This course includes over 60 minutes of quality classroom video and pdf article downloads.

Who is the target audience?
This course is designed for Early Childhood educators, leaders and policy makers.

About the Instructor

Mary Ann Biermeier
Early Childhood Curriculum & Instruction M.Ed.
Mary Ann Biermeier is the Director of Professional Development at NAEYC accredited preschool in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is Director of the INSPIRE Early Childhood Leadership Series providing educator workshops and online courses in the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. She began her teaching career in education in 2000 after a 20 year career in software design and development.

She currently serves on the board of directors for Arizona's VSAEYC as Vice President of Public Policy. She has served on the executive board of All-Star Kids Tutoring, an Arizona non-profit providing volunteer tutors that mentor children in grades 2 & 3 struggling with literacy and reading fluency. She is also former board chair of Communities In Schools, an Arizona non-profit providing community resources within schools to help young people successfully learn, stay in school and prepare for life.

Mary Ann Biermeier holds a Masters degree with distinction in Early Childhood Education Curriculum & Instruction from Northern Arizona University and a B.A. in Political Science & Economics from the University of Minnesota.

Deep learning is always connected to enjoyment. Teaching and learning ~ all things with joy!

The videos along with the lecture helped me to understand better what is expected of me as a teacher. I realize now it is not necessary for the teacher to every second of the day to be full of information. I can provide materials and observe and listen sometimes and document the children's imaginations and thoughts.- Brenda Johnson

Enroll for the course Free :

Enjoy your day!
Teacher guide for teaching elementary school children how to code a story they wrote.

Coding Curriculum: Upper Elementary School

Project #1: Writing and Coding

Writing Code for a Written Story

These coding skills will allow students to bring their written stories to life.

For each session I recommend a 5 minute mini-lesson introducing the new skills (I Do) followed by students demonstrating the skills using a SMART board or projector while you are with them on the carpet for 3-5 minutes (We Do) and ending with 30 minutes of the children working in pairs or independently (You Do) while you circulate and assist. I recommend placing a check next to skills once a student has demonstrated mastery. This will help you assess which students need small-group instruction.

Who is the target audience?
Teachers, Parents, Students, Educators, Anyone Interested in Coding for Kids.
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As a learning faciIitator and Ict addict, I have always been thinking of ways of engaging students and redirecting their free times to productive times through the use of WhatsApp groups. I know this won't work much or at all in some scenes like a community right in the middle of the nigeria jungle where you have all sorts of obstructions and obstacles to free flow or setting up of Internet. Or like a full boarding school with the "No phone policy :-\".
Take these and their likes out, I feel a teacher should be able to tap into the prolific usage of Whatsapp by our secondary students population and be able to interact with the students and get realtime feedback on homeworks and assignments issues. This can also be use to augment for loss of classroom time sometimes. One or two questions can be use as a quiz to test students understanding of classroom topics taught where individual answers sent to the teacher's private wall.
I have not really try it though because of the nature of where I'm teaching. I will appreciate if anyone with the right conditions can experiment this and give feedback. Will love to hear from you  :).
General Discussion / Re: Should schools in Nigeria adopt foreign curriculums?
« Last post by Otukogbe on June 14, 2017, 07:33:13 PM »
Already there's the national curriculum that's recognised by the govt, so is there still any need for adopting from other countries? Also, should educators not be spending more time looking into the national curriculum of the country, critiquing it and proffering solutions, making suggestions and organising conferences, seminars, writing newspaper articles...on issues that relate to it and advancing the national curriculum?
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