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Please read the forum guidelines.
By using our website you are agreeing to these guidelines.
Choose your Username Carefully
If we respond to username change requests, we do so at a snail's pace. Don't be surprised if it takes more than 6 months, if at all. We strongly suggest you do not include your location or the number of children you have in your username as those things tend to change.
Don't Create Duplicate Accounts
Please don’t create more than one account. Anyone that creates more than a single account will be banned from the forum.
Be moderate
Post your opinions, views and your experiences, but remember that other people may have different experiences than yours and may reason differently from how you do. So, don’t attack others’ views, opinions or experiences but advance your position respectfully.
Be respectful
Do not attack another poster's background (i.e. ethnicity, nationality or race), religious convictions, experience, values or beliefs. Offensive comments or posts will be deleted.
Think Before You Post
Any post made on this forum is accessible and available to anyone from anywhere in world to see, read and share, we can’t control what people do with your posts. So, before you make any post think twice and be certain that what you’re posting or sharing on this forum is what you would people to associate with you in your everyday life. If not sure of the post or if you’re in doubt of the integrity of a post, then don’t post it.
Don’t make posts whilst you’re upset or angry; don’t make posts that you’ll regret.
Don't insist on the last word
At times you might be passionate about some issues and end up in arguments with other forum members, please try to always be nice with your words and don’t insist on having the last word. This forum is not a battlefield for/of ideas but a place for sharing ideas. Remember, you can disagree to agree some other times.
Do not assume that everyone on this forum shares a particular religious conviction
This forum is inclusive. You are welcome to ask theological questions that relate to education issues in Nigeria, but don't post as though everyone who frequents the boards shares your ideology. Offending posts will be deleted. Don't use inquiries as an excuse to preach ideology. Answer questions that are posted but don't use these questions as an excuse to criticise others. For example, don’t make negative comments about people of other faiths from yours.
 If you're joking, say so
If you’re joking, making it known. Words can be interpreted differently by different people.
No advertising
Don’t use posts to advertise your products, schools, seminars, services or workshops. We will delete such posts and your membership on the forum might be terminated by us at our own discretion. 
If you are the publisher or author of any educational materials, or have a financial interest in a particular program, you may answer direct questions about those materials but don't use a general query ("What science/language arts/history materials should I use?") as a chance to promote your product.
Will we delete (or close) posts?
If we think that it’s better to delete a post in order to maintain avert a potential crisis or unnecessary rancour on this forum, we will do so.
A note about posting
Don’t populate the forum with long and irrelevant posts. Don’t share your WhatsApp posts or other social media trending posts here. This space is put in place for educators and anyone interested in education issues in Nigeria to share ideas, views, experiences and opinions.
Keep your marital issues private
The Internet (and this site in particular) is not the appropriate place to complain about your husband (or wife) or to ask for marital counseling. Get in touch with the relevant people, i.e. a friend, a family member or recognised marriage counsellors.
Don’t post in all capital case
Posting a message in all caps is the cyber-equivalent of shouting please don't do it. It's rude. Really.
Don’t complain about your employer or kid’s school here
This space is not for name calling or condemning an employer or a school you’re dissatisfied with. We will delete any post that is aimed at discrediting an employer, a school or a colleague.
The owners of this forum reserve the right to change these rules at any time in order to better serve the members.


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