Author Topic: Suitability of Using Social Media as an Afterschooling T and L Tools  (Read 112926 times)

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As a learning faciIitator and Ict addict, I have always been thinking of ways of engaging students and redirecting their free times to productive times through the use of WhatsApp groups. I know this won't work much or at all in some scenes like a community right in the middle of the nigeria jungle where you have all sorts of obstructions and obstacles to free flow or setting up of Internet. Or like a full boarding school with the "No phone policy :-\".
Take these and their likes out, I feel a teacher should be able to tap into the prolific usage of Whatsapp by our secondary students population and be able to interact with the students and get realtime feedback on homeworks and assignments issues. This can also be use to augment for loss of classroom time sometimes. One or two questions can be use as a quiz to test students understanding of classroom topics taught where individual answers sent to the teacher's private wall.
I have not really try it though because of the nature of where I'm teaching. I will appreciate if anyone with the right conditions can experiment this and give feedback. Will love to hear from you  :).